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100 Top Climate Change Sites
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  1. Pew Center on Global Climate Change x
    The Pew Center on Global Climate Change brings a new cooperative approach and critical scientific, economic and technological expertise to the global debate on climate change.

  2. Climate Institute x
    Working to "to protect the balance between climate and life on earth."

  3. US Global Change Research Program x
    The USGCRP provides the foundation for increasing the skill of predictions of seasonal-to-inter-annual climate fluctuations (which can bring excessively wet and dry periods) and long-term climate change.

  4. United Nations World Meteorological Organization (WMO) x
    World Meteorological Organization coordinates global scientific activity in several areas, including: air pollution research, climate change and ozone depletion studies.

  5. Encyclopedia of the Atmospheric Environment x
    A project of the Atmosphere, Climate, & Environment Information Programme at the Manchester Metropolitan University.

  6. EPA Global Warming Page x
    �Explains climate change science, U.S. climate policy, greenhouse gas emissions, environmental effects, and what you can do.�

  7. Climate Change Solutions x
    An online resource centre of success stories, opportunity areas, tools, and resources on how to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

  8. Earth System Research Laboratory x
    Identifies the nature and causes of climate variations on scales ranging from months to centuries.

  9. Hadley Centre for Climate Prediction and Research x
    Provides the UK government with up-to-date assessments of both natural and man-made climate change.

  10. What's Up With the Weather? x
    NOVA and Frontline examine the issues of global warming and its link to the burning of fossil fuels.

  11. Centre for Atmospheric Science x
    Promotes and encourages funding for atmospheric research.

  12. IRI/LDEO Climate Data Library x
    A climate information system.

  13. New Scientist Environment x
    Special report on climate change. News articles, an expert guide, and editorials.

  14. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change x
    The IPCC assesses the scientific, technical and socio-economic information relevant for the understanding of the risk of human-induced climate change.

  15. Climate Prediction Center x
    Assess and forecast the impacts of short-term climate variability, emphasizing enhanced risks of weather-related extreme events, for use in mitigating losses and maximizing economic gains.

  16. Climate Change x
    This site explains what the Government of Canada is doing to address the problems of climate change and how all Canadians--individuals, communities, businesses, industries and every level of government--can take action to help protect our environment.

  17. Cities for Climate Protection x
    Encourages cities to reduce local emissions of carbon dioxide, other greenhouse gases which contribute to global warming (climate change), and related air pollutants.

  18. Destination: Earth x
    ESE is studying our global environment in order to better the lives and improve the health of people around the globe.

  19. Climate Ark x
    Performs full text searches educational and activist Web sites. Also includes an archive of "popular media and environmental group information" on climate change and other environmental topics.

  20. Environmental Change Network x
    Conducts scientific research and global climate monitoring to detect and interpret environmental change.

  21. New Hope Environmental Services x
    An advocacy science consulting firm that produces cutting-edge research and informed commentary on the nature of climate.

  22. IEA Greenhouse Gas R&D Programme x
    Provides an introduction to climate change as well as information on technical solutions.

  23. Climate Change Research Library x
    A treasure trove of information and resources for the study of climate change.

  24. United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change x
    Includes methodologies and tools to evaluate strategies for adaptation to climate change.

  25. CO2 Science Magazine x
    A weekly review of scientific research findings pertaining to carbon dioxide and global change.

  26. Climate Solutions x
    Works to stop global warming by supporting the rapid acceleration of clean energy technologies and more livable, less auto-centered community development.

  27. Weathervane x
    "A digital forum on global climate policy."

  28. Climatic Research Unit x
    The Climatic Research Unit is widely recognized as one of the world's leading institutions concerned with the study of natural and anthropogenic climate change.

  29. World Wildlife Fund: Climate x
    Mission: "By 2001 we aim to ensure that industrialized nations set in motion a permanent downward trend in their domestic emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) - the leading global warming gas - as a first step towards substantial reductions in emissions by 2010."

  30. Energy Star x
    ENERGY STAR-labeled products use less energy than other products, save you money on utility bills, and help protect the environment.

  31. Climate Trust x
    Carbon dioxide offset projects and greenhouse gas programs. "Your path to a stable climate."

  32. NCAR x
    Conducts atmospheric research programs and helps transfer new technologies to the private sector.

  33. Friends of the Earth: Climate x
    Sign up for the Climate Online e-mail campaign and help stop catastrophic climate change.

  34. The Woods Hole Research Center: Global Warming x
    "A beginner's guide to understanding the issue of global warming."

  35. Reporting on Climate Change: Understanding the Science x
    A good starting place to begin to understand the issues and terminology of climate change.

  36. National Climatic Data Center x
    The world's largest active archive of weather data. NCDC produces numerous climate publications and responds to data requests from all over the world.

  37. World Resources Institute: Climate, Energy, & Transport x
    "WRI's goal is to protect the global climate system from further harm due to emissions of greenhouse gases and help humanity and the natural world adapt to unavoidable climate change."

  38. Climate Analysis Indicators Tool (CAIT) x
    "CAIT provides a comprehensive and comparable database of greenhouse gas emissions data and other climate-relevant indicators."

  39. Climate Research x
    Studies the interactions of climate with organisms, ecosystems, and human societies.

  40. Green Power Market Development Group x
    "A project of the climate, energy, and pollution program."

  41. Global Warming: Understanding Greenhouse Gases x
    This program helps students discover why climate change is a very real issue.

  42. x
    Scientific Facts on Climate Change and Global Warming

  43. U.S. Global Change Research Information Office x
    Provides access to data and information on global environmental change research, adaptation/mitigation strategies and technologies, and global change related educational resources.

  44. Rising Waters x
    Brings forward the severe issues associated with rising sea levels caused by global warming.

  45. Global Change Data Center (GCDC) x
    Mission: "to develop and operate data systems, generate science products, and provide archival and distribution services for earth science data."

  46. Cornell University Northeast Regional Climate Center x
    Mission: "To facilitate and enhance the collection, dissemination and use of climate data as well as to monitor and assess climatic conditions and impacts in the twelve-state, northeastern region of the United States."

  47. National Council for Science and the Environment x
    "Improving the scientific basis for making decisions on environmental issues."

  48. A Consortium for the Application of Climate Impact Assessments x
    Projects include "Climate and Environment Changes in the 21st Century" and "Statistical Downscaling."

  49. Center for Integrated Study of the Human Dimensions of Global Change x
    The Center is a coordinated research program interested in the interactions of society and the environment.

  50. UNEP's Information Unit for Conventions x
    Online home of "Synergies", UNEP's newsletter on international environmental treaties.

  51. BBC News: Global Climate Change x
    News site exploring the issues, impact, and politics behind global warming.

  52. Sierra Club x
    Learn about the Sierra Club's campaign to reverse one of the largest experiments in history--global warming.

  53. Program for Climate Model Diagnosis and Intercomparison (PCMDI) x
    Develops improved methods and tools for the diagnosis, validation and intercomparison of global climate models and engages in research on a wide variety of outstanding problems in climate modeling and analysis.

  54. The Department of Atmospheric Sciences (DAS) x
    Conducts research centering around how global ozone and climate relate to changes occurring in the composition and distribution of trace constituents in the troposphere and stratosphere.

  55. Western Regional Climate Center x
    Projects and resources dealing with the climate and weather in the Western United States.

  56. Center for Global Change x
    Examines physical, biological and social processes of the Arctic as they interact with the Earth, and their relationship to global change.

  57. Buxton Climate Change Impacts Laboratory x
    Current experiments examine the long-term effects of manipulations of fertility, disturbance, rainfall, temperature, UVB and CO2.

  58. World Climate Research Programme x
    Develop the fundamental scientific understanding of the physical climate system and climate processes needed to determine to what extent climate can be predicted and the extent of man's influence on climate.

  59. Institute of Global Warming and Ecological Issues x
    IGWES is an international institute devoted to enhance the understanding of global warming, mitigation options, and technical and social adaptation required to deal with the consequences of warming.

  60. Environmental Defense Fund x
    A not-for-profit environmental advocacy group with four main goals: stabilizing the Earth's climate, safeguarding the world's oceans, protecting human health, and defending and restoring biodiversity.

  61. Greenpeace: Climate x
    Greenpeace campaigns for governments to face up to their responsibilities and to urgently address global climate change as one of the greatest threats to the planet.

  62. Synoptic Climatology Lab x
    The synoptic climatology group performs research into a variety of applied climatological issues that affect humans and other organisms around the world.

  63. Potential Consequences of Climate Variability and Change x
    An effort to understand what climate change means in the United States.

  64. Sustainable Energy and Economy Network x
    SEEN works in partnership with citizens groups globally on environment and development issues with a particular focus on climate change, energy, gender equity, and economic issues.

  65. Environmental Change and Security Project x
    Since its inception in 1994, the Project has served as an information clearinghouse on the views, activities and policy initiatives falling under the rubric of "environment, population and security."

  66. CSERGE x
    Mission: "To be a leading international interdisciplinary research centre for Global Environmental Change issues and problems."

  67. Students United for a Responsible Global Environment x
    SURGE is a national student organization working to build a coalition among the many student and community organizations working for social and economic justice.

  68. Resources for the Future (RFF) x
    Research areas include: air, water, climate, solid waste and more.

  69. Global Climate Change Student Guide x
    a comprehensive work for geology, geography and environmental science students studying climate change

  70. Global Change Master Directory x
    A comprehensive directory about Earth science and global change data.

  71. U.S. Geological Survey x
    Products and data include the Atlas of Antarctic Research, topographic maps, water use and more.

  72. U.S. National Assessment x
    Provides a detailed understanding of the potential consequences of climate variability and change for the nation.

  73. Union of Concerned Scientists x
    The Union of Concerned Scientists works to ensure that all people have clean air and energy, as well as safe and sufficient food.

  74. Global Hydrology and Climate Center x
    The GHCC studies a variety of climate and environmental issues that all connect in a complex, interactive Earth-Atmosphere system.

  75. Fresh Energy x
    Incorporates research, advocacy and community engagement to approach the global warming problem.

  76. Scott Polar Research Institute x
    The oldest research center in the world covering both the Arctic and Antarctic.

  77. Nature x
    This popular weekly journal covers a variety of scientific areas, including climate change and other environmental issues.

  78. Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center x
    The primary global-change data and information analysis center of the U.S. Department of Energy.

  79. Fossil-of-the-Day Awards x
    "Awarded to countries that block progress at UN climate change negotiations. Presented by the Climate Action Network, an umbrella organization of Environmental NGOs."

  80. Climate System Research Center x
    A research facility of the University of Massachusetts. Research focuses on the climate system, climate variability and global change issues.

  81. Free the Planet! x
    Helps build support for environmental protection and vitalizes the political core of the environmental movement.

  82. CER x
    Research areas include environment and health risk assessment, environmental monitoring and technology assessment.

  83. Environmental News Network x
    Provides environmental news, chat, and forums. Includes special "Weather and Earth" section.

  84. Center for Ocean-Land-Atmosphere Studies (COLA) Technical Reports x
    A collection of technical reports covering different climate issues, from "doubling deserts" to El Nino.

  85. University of Cambridge Centre for Atmospheric Science x
    Take a tour of the ozone hole or learn about the university's various atmospheric research projects.

  86. Cities for Climate Protection x
    The goal of the Cities for Climate Protection Campaign is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions resulting from the burning of fossil fuels and other human activities.

  87. Climate Dynamics-Geophysics & Geodesy x
    "Provide an international journal for the publication of high-quality research on all aspects of the dynamics of the global climate system."

  88. Acid Rain x
    The overall goal of the Acid Rain Program is to achieve significant environmental and public health benefits through reductions in emissions of sulfur dioxide (SO2) and nitrogen oxides (NOX), the primary causes of acid rain.

  89. Center for Health and the Global Environment x
    Studies the link between human health to the health of the global environment.

  90. Climate Action Network x
    A coalition of 269 environmental organizations pushing for cuts in greenhouse gases.

  91. NERC x
    NERC is the leading body in the UK for research, survey, monitoring and training in the environmental sciences.

  92. National Geophysical Data Center x
    The national repository for geophysical data, providing a wide range of science data services and information.

  93. JI Online x
    The "Climate Change Information Network" helps arrange cooperative development projects that seek to reduce or sequester greenhouse gas emissions.

  94. The Minnesota Climatology Working Group x
    Presents a broad view of the influence of climate on the myriad of interactions which occur between various human interests and the environment.

  95. American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy x
    A nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing energy efficiency as a means of promoting both economic prosperity and environmental protection.

  96. Science Magazine x
    A leading scientific research journal. Site includes a guide to science online and regular updates on climate change research developments.

  97. Centre for Ecology and Hydrology x
    The Centre for Ecology and Hydrology is an environmental research organization undertaking high quality, internationally recognized research.

  98. Environmental and Societal Impacts Group x
    ESIG's mission is to conduct a coordinated research and outreach program on the societal implications of atmospheric and related environmental processes.

  99. The Earth Times x
    Latest environmental, population and human rights news.

  100. Green Teacher x
    Green Teacher is a magazine by and for educators to enhance environmental and global education across the curriculum at all grade levels.

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