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Employees, Volunteers & Contractors
Construction of the Clean Energy Center and "Next Generation" Home was made possible by the dedication of those listed on this page.
Design, Management and Planning
Jeff Gold
Design, Planning & Construction
Ralph Boswell
Structural Engineer
Rob Roy
Underground Building Consultant
Scott Gentleman, Backwoods Solar - Renewable Energy Consultant
Jason Askew
Adam Ball
Tara Barrentine
Beverly Barton
Dana Blanton
Nelson Bowers
Kevin Brown
Verner Eaton
Matt Ferus
Charlie Gard'ner
Andrew Goldstein
Pablo Gomera
Dustin Haskins
Greg Johnson
Mason Loudermilk
Chris Lynn
Christopher McShane
Leland Milton
Kate Morrissey
Michelle Moylen
Casey Nelson
Russ Palmer
Quinton Phillips
Tyler Pitts
Trisha Purvis
Guy Randall
Matt Reihms
Emily Reinertsen
Alex Reynolds
Mike Reybolds
Jackie Robbins
Keith Summers
Mark Thompson
Sean Uhl
Samantha Valentino
Kyle Vickers
Sarah Visser
Roan Wall
Mark Watkins
Joshua Wikoff
Matt Williams
Donald Wright
Johnny Wright
Jeff Yarbrough