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Love Your Spouse and the Earth!

Don't Throw Out Your Valentines!

Your loved one isn't the only one who deserves something special on Valentine's Day. Give a gift to the earth too by not throwing out your valentines! Reuse them instead!

Candy Boxes

  • Use for gift wrapping ties, scarves and gloves. (Shelley)
  • Square candy boxes can be used for wrapping gifts, storing art supplies or carrying cross-stitch work. (Shelley)
  • Save love letters in heart-shaped boxes. (Shelley)
  • Fill with homemade candy. (Rae)
  • Make into a Valentine's Day card for next year.
  • Cut a heart-shaped box so that you have a flat heart. Save and let the kids use it as a template.
  • Make a Valentine's Day decoration for next year.
  • Make a Picture Frame.
  • Cut and use for index cards.
  • Use a smaller box for storing paperclips, rubber bands, etc.
  • Use as a decorative change holder for your dresser.

Candy Wrappers

  • Use when making homemade candy. Make sure they are clean and dry. (Shelley)
  • String the wrappers together through the center to make a party lei. (Shelley)

Seasonal Ideas

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