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  • Save and use for anything you would use string for.
  • Store in your travel first aid kit and use for an emergency tourniquet.
  • Use as a covering for your home-made clothes hangers so you don't snag your clothing.
  • Wash. Tie the ends of the curly, stretchable type (that you don't need to tie), and use as a hair band. (KC)
  • Attach one end to your child's mittens and run the other end through the sleeve of their coat to prevent mitten loss. (KC)
  • Use as a ribbon on packages wrapped in homemade wrapping paper. (KC)
  • Carry a spare in your purse, car or gym bag in case you break one. (KC)
  • Use as an emergency belt for your child. Tie a couple together for an adult belt. (KC)
  • Use to hand ornaments from the Christmas tree. (KC)
  • Braid three or more together to make bracelets. (KC)
  • Attach to ceiling fans/lighting fixtures as a pull chain. (KC)
  • Use as curtain tie-backs. (KC)
  • College students can use to hang dorm room keys around their neck.
  • Use to tie plants to a plant support.
  • Use to hang a small bird feeder from a tree.
  • Use as a replacement drawstring on hoods, sweatpants, etc.
  • Keep in camping gear in case rope on tent breaks.
  • String nuts and washers through for orderly storage.
  • Roll into a coil, secure with glue or thread and use as a coaster or a hot pad.

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