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Plastic Containers (including butter, cottage cheese, yogurt, etc.)

    Plastic Containers--Miscellaneous

    • Storage of any objects that will fit.
    • Storage of leftovers.
    • Cut a slit in the lid and use as a bank.
    • Fill with rice or sand to make children's musical shakers. (Adrian)

    Plastic Containers--Butter/Cottage Cheese

    • Use butter bowls as flower pots. Punch holes in the bottom if necessary and put the lid underneath to catch excess water.
    • Poke holes in a butter bowl and use it as a colander.
    • Paint the outside of a butter bowl festively and then use it for an Easter basket
    • Use butter bowls for storage of chess pieces. (Bootsy)
    • Use butter bowls as cereal bowls. (Christine)
    • Use the lid of a butter bowl as a cheap frisbee for your pet.
    • Use butter bowls as an outdoor water dish for dogs during the summer.
    • Use butter bowls as a food dish for smaller pets.
    • Keep a butter bowl in the car for when you take a pet for a ride. Bring a jug of water and allow your pet to drink.

    Plastic Chocolate-Milk Mix Containers

    • Use for storage of crayons.
    • Use for a pencil holder.
    • Drill holes in the bottom and make it into a sand sifter.
    • Use for orderly storage of rice, pasta, nuts, etc.

    Plastic Containers--Tofu

    • Use tofu containers for storage of odds-and-ends

    Plastic Containers--Yogurt

    • Use yogurt containers for dyeing easter eggs.
    • Fill yogurt containers with pudding or jell-o and send it to school with your kids. Or better yet, take it to work with you!

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