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Pen (Ball Point)

    Most disposable ball point pens can be pulled apart into five or six pieces. These pieces are: the pen cap, the outer pen tube (the part you actually hold), the inner pen tube (the tiny tube inside which stores the ink), the pen tip (the part which touches the paper), the piece of plastic which separates the pen tip from the outer pen tube, and the plug at the bottom of the pen (the colorful piece of plastic at the bottom). (Hopefully this will clarify what I am talking about below.)

    Pen Caps

    • Use as lids for pencils so you don't poke a hole in your purse.

    Outer Pen Tube

    • Use as a protective case for mercury thermometers.
    • Put in the corner of a bird cage as a perch.

    Pen Tips

    • Give to OLDER children to use for toy missiles. Warning: Make sure your children do not swallow this!

    Piece Separating the Pen Tip from the Outer Pen Tube

    • Let your children paint them different colors and then string them together to make jewelry.
    • String together and hang from doorways for a pseudo-sixties effect.
    • String together and use as a pull chain for ceiling fans, lamps, etc.
    • Paint red, green and gold, string together and use to decorate your Christmas tree.
    • String together and make into a colorful jump rope.
    • String together and use as decorative chains for around the house.
    • Use for covering your homemade clothes hanger so that your clothes won't snag.

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