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Jars--Baby Food/Bouillon

  • Use for storage of nuts, bolts, etc. (G. Rabenold)
  • Make them into musical instruments for your children by placing a few dried beans, pasta, rice, coins, etc. inside the jar after removing the label. (Put a few drops of glue on the rim of the jar to glue the lid on.) (Christina-Marie)
  • Keep on the top of your dresser and use for orderly storage of change when cleaning out your pockets at night.
  • Keep on desk for storing paper clips, rubber bands, etc.
  • Use for starting plants indoors.
  • Insert a wick and fill with wax to make your own candle. Decorate the outside to match the decor of the room.
  • Use for storing excess seeds. (Ray)


  • Use for storing extra spaghetti sauce which comes from a can.
  • Use larger jars for storing homemade soups.
  • Use the lids from peanut butter jars as coasters.
  • Drink from smaller glass jars.
  • Use peanut butter or mayonnaise jars to store homemade cookies in the freezer. They will be protected from breakage and easily visible. (Frugel)
  • Store your razor in a small, covered jar emersed in alcohol to prevent oxidization of the blade. It will stay sharp longer. (Frugel)

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