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Hooks (plastic, candy cane-shaped hooks which socks hang on in stores)

  • Use for hanging Christmas ornaments on the tree.
  • Use for keeping similar buttons together by attaching them to the hook using a twist tie and keeping in a box. This will make for easy location.
  • Use it as a unique key chain.
  • Attach to the end of a ball of yarn for easy location of the end piece.
  • Use for hanging decorative pot holders on the wall.
  • Paint as candy canes and hang on the Christmas tree.
  • Use for hanging a gear-loft inside a tent.
  • Use to hang the homemade pseudo-sixties chains from your doorway.

Hooks (plastic, "Z"-shaped ones which dress socks hang on in stores)

  • Hang individual ties within the "Z". Then hang each of the Z-hooks from a regular clothes hanger for a unique tie-hanger.

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