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Egg Cartons

  • Use cardboard ones as a charcoal fire starter. (Dave)
  • Use for potting flowers (inside) before moving them outdoors. (Jeannette)
  • Use to keep necklaces and bracelets separate.(Andrea)
  • Store earrings in the top of the carton to keep from losing them.
  • Cut off the top and use as a serving tray for cookies, chips, carrots, etc. (Marsha)
  • When serving chips on the lid of the carton, serve dip in the half with the egg indentations. (This works best when using the styrofoam cartons.) (Marsha)
  • Break up the styrofoam and use it as packaging material.
  • Wash a styrofoam carton VERY WELL and use for an ice cube tray. Keep the lids attached so that you can stack them.
  • Make into candy-filled eggs for Easter.
  • Store golf balls inside.

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