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Bunnies Don't Like Landfills!

Compost Your Easter Eggs!

Easter is here and Spring is just around the corner. Do your part to ensure that when the mountains of snow melt away there are no landfills underneath.


  • Wrap homemade Easter candy in the foil from store-bought candy. Just make sure that you unwrap the candy without ripping the foil.
  • Try using the plastic packaging that Easter candy comes in (the ones shaped like bunnies) and use them as a mold for making your own chocolate.

Clothes Hanger

  • Use for storing the plastic eggs that you hang on the tree.

Easter Baskets

  • Make your own by festively decorating the outside of a butter bowl. It even comes with its own lid to keep the candy fresh!
  • When you decide to turn in your old Easter basket for a new one, don't throw it out. Instead, try using it as a plant holder. Place a potted plant inside the basket and put it on a shelf for display. It makes the pot a little prettier.

Easter Eggs

  • Rather than buying the plastic eggs from the store for your children to play with, make your own from egg cartons. Try filling them with candy and then placing them in the Easter baskets.
  • Hide the egg containers that pantyhose come in, and let the kids look for them on Easter.
  • Decorate hard-boiled eggs with crayons before dyeing them. The dye won't adhere to the wax, and it will leave pretty designs on the egg.
  • Bend a spiral notebook wire into the shape of an Easter egg dipper and use it when dyeing the eggs.
  • Reuse the plastic eggs from year to year. (Shelley)
  • Hang the plastic eggs from a tree in your front yard to celebrate the holiday.
  • Fill the plastic ones with candy and place in Easter baskets.

Easter Grass

  • Instead of buying a bag of cellophane "grass" which inevitably clings to your furniture for the next six months, make your own customized grass. Color both sides of a piece of paper whatever color you wish and then cut it into very thin strips. Fill your Easter basket with it. There won't be any static cling making it stick around until Christmas!
  • Reuse the grass from year to year. (Shelley)
  • Use as packing when shipping something or sending a breakable gift. (Ms. Myriah)

Tips to help make your Easter an environmental occasion:
  • Compost the shells of your Easter eggs when you finally eat them.
  • When selecting packages of dye at the store, choose one which uses as little packaging as possible. After all, you really don't need a huge box for six little tablets.
  • Don't select a package which includes the containers for dyeing eggs. You have plently of containers at home. Try using yogurt containers.
  • Even better, make your own Easter egg dye at home using food coloring and vinegar. Some food coloring packages have instructions for this on the back.

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