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  • Use to make matches damp-proof.
  • Use a hand-held pencil sharpener to make crayon shavings. Crumble the shavings and use as glitter-like decorations. (Eeks)
  • Make greeting cards by drawing a picture in crayon and then painting over it with water colors. This will make the crayon stand out. (Eeks)
  • Melt old crayons together and use cookie cutters to make fun shapes for younger kids. (Dennis)
  • Make patchwork crayons. (Shelley)
  • Keep worn down crayons in a toolbox for handy marking pencils. (Shelley)
  • Create a vase by melting different colored crayons over an old bottle. Let the wax drip randomly. (Shelley)
  • Make creative envelope seals by dripping crayon wax onto the back of an envelope. Make a special imprint in the wax if you want. (Shelley)
  • Use different colors to highlight important events on the calendar. (Shelley)
  • Use for drawing on easter eggs before you dip them in the dye. The dye won't adhere to the wax and it will leave pretty designs.
  • Keep in an arts and crafts box.

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