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Ideas For A Green Christmas

There are plenty of ways to make your holiday season environmentally sound without being a scrooge. The trick is to decorate and wrap with items already found in your house. In other words, use stuff which is currently destined for the garbage instead of going out and buying brand new objects to toss out.

Prove to yourself that you are truly an environmentalist. This year don't use ANY commercially produced wrapping items. And try making your own cards and envelopes!

Try these ideas:



  • Make cards from scrap paper and cereal boxes.

Gift Tags

  • Instead of buying them, write directly on the wrapping paper with a black marker.
  • Make your own by cutting old cards with pinking shears, punching a hole in the corner, and tying together with string. Write the name and a little note on the inside.


Ornament Hooks

  • Instead of buying these relatively expensive items so that you can hang ornaments on the tree, try making your own out of spiral notebook wire or paper clips.

Packing material

  • Instead of buying tissue paper to wrap clothing in, use the tissue paper from single rolls of toilet paper. (Who cares about the writing on the tissue paper--you're just going to throw it out anyway.)
  • To prevent objects from sloshing around in the box, try making toilet paper tube packing material . (I wouldn't recommend this for fragile items--I don't know if it will prevent breakage.)


Wrapping Paper

  • Wrap your presents in the Sunday comics. (Don't try this with the rest of the newspaper since the ink will smudge.)
  • Draw seasonal pictures on scrap paper, envelopes, the backs of receipts, etc. and wrap your presents with them (this will probably require some cutting and taping).
  • Wrap your presents in last year's wrapping paper (if you still have it). If there are only small pieces which are usable, cut and tape for a collage.
  • Cut the seams of potato chip bags, wash, and wrap presents with the shiny side out.

Seasonal Ideas

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