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Chair Pads

  • Use to kneel on when gardening.
  • Take on camp outs and use as pillows or for sitting on around a campfire. (Shelley)
  • Keep in the trunk of your car and use for kneeling on when you have a flat tire. (Shelley)
  • Use as a stadium seat for ball games. (Shelley)
  • Line a cardboard box or laundry basket with a chair pad and use it for a pet bed. (Shelley)
  • Whip stitch extra length to the ties on the pad, and then tie the pads around your chest and waist. Use when learning to fence. (Shelley)
  • Use as pillows for children's sleepovers. (Shelley)
  • Use for storage of fragile boxed items.
  • Try using the stuffing to re-stuff decorator pillows. It probably won't be comfortable, but it will make them fluffy again.
  • Take them on picnics or to parades. They are easier to carry than folding chairs.
  • Line a car crawler with chair pads to make fixing your car a little more comfortable. (Joe)
  • Put on top of a five gallon bucket and use as a seat.

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