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  • Use as a double boiler when you are melting wax for your newspaper logs.
  • Fill with water and keep by the fire when camping (just in case).
  • Storage of nuts, bolts, small parts, etc.
  • Use for baking bread. (Paul)
  • Make a child's drum set out of coffee cans and plastic lids. (Paul)
  • Attach long, looped strings to the cans and let children use as stilts. (Casey)
  • Use to scoop dog food out of a bag. (Ree)
  • Cut a hole in the lid and use it as a bank. (Juan)
  • Use it as a cookie jar. (Juan)
  • Make it into a camp stove by cutting a square into the side of the can, turn it upside-down and place a piece of coal underneath. (Casey)
  • Fill with worms when going fishing. (Casey)
  • Decorate the can, punch 3 or 4 holes (spaced evenly) around the top rim for string, put a plant in it, and then hang it from the ceiling. (Sarah)
  • Push the upside-down can into the ground where you want to place a plant and then remove it. The can will pull out the soil, making digging a hole easy. (Jon's Dad)
  • Fill partly with sand and use as an outdoor ash tray. (Jon)


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