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Boxes--Cardboard (those which reams of paper come in)

  • Use as individual recycling boxes for bedrooms. This will help keep garbage from accumulating on desks and dressers (or in my case the floor).
  • Use for under-the-bed storage by cutting it to make it shorter.
  • Make it into a bed for a small pet by cutting an entrance and lining it with a blanket.


  • Cut into puzzle pieces and let the kids put them together. When the novelty wears off, recycle and grab a new box.
  • Cut and tape them into the size of folders. Make manilla-type folders or add some extra tape and make pockets.
  • Cut into any size index cards. Use for flash cards, recipe cards, etc.
  • Use as gift boxes.
  • Use as an in-tray on your desk at home for mail, papers to be dealt with, etc.
  • Use pieces for bookmarks. Write down any ideas that pop into your head while reading.
  • Make into paper dolls for the kids.
  • Use for grocery lists. When you place it in the front of the shopping cart, it won't blow away like paper will. (Richard)
  • Cut a big portion out of a corner of the box and use it as a magazine holder. (Jeffrey and Diane)
  • Use as a template for making a gift bag. Wrap paper around it as you would a package, leaving the top open. Remove box and punch holes at the top of the two sides for the string handles. Leave the box in if you would like a stronger bag. (Mijesa)

Boxes--Food (Cake, Jell-o, Pudding, etc.)

  • Open the boxes carefully to remove the contents. Then tape the open side shut, and give them to your kids as cheap building blocks. (Jon's Grandma)
  • Give boxes to pet mice, gerbils or birds for play. (Lori)


  • Use to hold odds and ends -- just label. (Dennis)
  • Use to store small children's toys. (Dennis)
  • Make into a dollhouse. (Henning)
  • Use to store recipes.
  • Tape the lids to the boxes, paint them bright colors, and give them to the kids for building blocks. (Ms. Myriah)


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