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  • DON'T USE!!! Use tupperware instead.
  • For those of you who need your baggies, wash them out and reuse them for your next lunch.
  • Wash and use for storage of "travel" tissues--you know, the small plastic package containing 10 tissues that you usually pay 50 cents for.

Bags--Paper (grocery)

  • Use for garbage bags around the house.
  • Use to cover school text books.

Bags--Paper (lunch)

  • Don't use.
  • Reuse.

Bags--Plastic (grocery)

  • Use the plastic bags you get from stores for liners in garbage cans around your house. (Cathy)
  • Keep them in your car for garbage. (Cathy)
  • Use for stuffing pouf valences. (Gail)
  • Cut into strips and tie around a coat hanger which has been formed into a circle to make a Christmas wreath. (Rachel)

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