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Automotive Floor Mats (rubber/carpeted)

  • Use as a floor mat for leaky containers in the garage or basement.
  • Use as a boot tray for inside your house.
  • Place clean mats next to a kitty litter box to keep the litter from being tracked all over the house. (Sandi; Bailey)
  • Put a carpeted floor mat in a pet cage (like a cat-carrying case) as a durable and soft place for your pet to nap. (Amanda K.)
  • Spread across the tailgate of your truck to protect it while your dogs are getting into and out of the truck. (Bailey)
  • Put them on top of the carpeting inside your vehicle to protect it from wet and muddy dogs. (Bailey)
  • Take with you when you go on a picnic. Put them on a picnic table bench if it's wet from rain or dew or on the ground if no benches are around. (Bailey)
  • Place plastic mats under pet water/food dishes to catch spills.

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